tokyo ghoul   

sailor moon   


Kakashi for 
ovaries gone   husband   naruto   

he said that “would be cool” so he said yes

all that panicking for nothing oops

he’s typing on imessage and taking ages omg just say yes or no for god sake

asked a guy who i’ve been sending ~sexy texts~ with for like three weeks to go to the cinema with me next week

he hasn’t replied

story of my god damn life

every time   I swear   I just don't get men   

Obito week: Day 1 > “The Black Sheep of the Uchiha”


heeiichou asked: Yato or Levi?
attack on titan   

L + Sweets! ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) As requested by anonymous!
death note   


Artwork and story by 开颅手酿克
Translation by greenteamacchiato

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